TASS Webinar: Sustainable School Operations with UWC South East Asia News

TASS Webinar: Sustainable School Operations with UWC South East Asia

On Thursday 23 May, TASS hosted its first webinar in a series of upcoming online sessions focused on sharing best practices in the sustainability of school buildings, school buses, school food, school uniforms, and education.

In this session, we invited UWC South East Asia, Singapore, to discuss the topic of sustainable operations of school buildings and integrated student learning. Both campuses of UWCSEA hold the Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy Campus certification. The certification has transformed both campuses into low energy buildings, reducing their energy consumption by 60% compared to similar structures of their size and purpose.

The 75 min meeting covered a range of areas including an introduction to UWCSEA’s sustainability journey, examples of passive & active strategies that have been implemented, ways that UWCSEA harnesses data and technological accelerators to make informed decisions in reducing emissions, and how these learnings have been integrated in the classroom.

Aside from aligning the built environment with sustainable design principles, UWCSEA has also developed practices within the school that enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to become sustainability stewards – both of which are closely aligned with principles of TASS’s Sustainable Schools Charter.

It was an engaging session that raised some very interesting questions on the sustainability of campus operations. We are grateful to the UWCSEA team for contributing their time and sharing their expertise with the TASS network. Thank you to our speakers Ben Morgan, Gowtham Kanagaraj, Jonathan Goh, and everyone that joined us – we hope you left feeling inspired with many valuable takeaways!

For those of you that weren’t able to join us, you can watch the full recording of the webinar below.


As a community of practise, we look forward to hosting more webinars and events that connect sustainability practitioners in schools around the world, share their learnings and amplify their impact.

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