The First TASS Student Ambassador Meet Up News

The First TASS Student Ambassador Meet Up

In December 2022, we hosted our first meeting of TASS Student Ambassadors, where 12 students from six of our member schools came together in person or virtually to get to know each other, exchange ideas and plan their engagement in one of our advocacy projects.

TASS Ambassadors are powerful advocates for sustainable alternatives to the existing systems that perpetuate the un-sustainability of school food, school buses, school uniforms, school buildings and our educational system. The focus of this first meeting was sustainable school buses.

During the meeting the ambassadors learned about carbon emissions from transport, the benefit of using biodiesel made from waste cooking oil, and how it demonstrates circular economy principles. Pure biodiesel (B100) can reduce carbon emissions by 85%.

They’re now busy writing letters to their school bus companies to advocate for a sustainable school bus service and make the case for biodiesel made from waste.

Let’s get #biodieselinschoolbuses!

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