TASS Student Ambassadors Advocate for Biodiesel in School Buses and Sustainable School Meals Insights

TASS Student Ambassadors Advocate for Biodiesel in School Buses and Sustainable School Meals

Last term, we hosted two TASS Student Ambassador meet-ups with a focus on school buses for members in the Middle East, and school food for members in Asia, Australia, and Europe. 

In our Middle East regional hub – student ambassadors were busy conducting research into the bus systems at their school and writing letters to the heads of their bus companies, advocating for the use of biodiesel in their school buses. 

As a result, students from Pakistan Education Academy successfully held a meeting with their senior leadership team as well as their school bus company, Booster Transport, to discuss the feasibility of implementing biodiesel, an experience which they shared with other students during the meet-up. 



We also heard from TASS Student Ambassadors at The Arbor School Dubai on their thoughts on the installation of the biodiesel tank on their campus, and ways to increase awareness amongst the student body about this change. The discussion concluded with an engaging conversation on improving school bus ridership and shifting attitudes towards public transport in the Middle East. 

In other regions – ambassadors were reviewing their school’s food systems, from ingredients to waste management, and using this research to discuss ways to improve the sustainability of their school’s food system with their peers in the TASS network. 



Students from Victoria Shanghai Academy shared their experiences writing letters to, and eventually engaging in a series of meetings with, Gigi Lau, Head of Sustainability at their school catering company, Chartwells (Compass Group) regarding the implementation of the three low-carbon dishes that Chartwells committed to serving at the Sustainable School Food Summit in April 2023. 

Both campaigns to get biodiesel in school buses and sustainable school lunches will continue into 2024, and we look forward to working together to scale this impact.

TASS Student Ambassadors are powerful advocates for sustainable alternatives to the existing unsustainable systems of school buses, school food, school uniforms, and school buildings. 

To find out how you can get your students involved, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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