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The Sustainability Program at VSA

The 2023-2024 school year marks the official year that VSA officially kicks off its Sustainability Program. The Sustainability Program at VSA aims to bring together various facets of sustainability in order to address issues holistically through the development of our school culture, curriculum, extra-curricular, as well as campus infrastructure and operations.

Starting with a student-led Environmental Council, students at VSA are ready to engage with various stakeholders in our community to  contribute and to ensure the sustainability of our planet for our future generations. The Environmental Council plans  to tackle environmental sustainability related issues by creating a culture of shared responsibility and action through green initiatives in order to protect our ecosystems. Additionally, the council’s  dedication isn’t just limited to VSA and its immediate community as we  are equally dedicated to the broader Hong Kong and the global community in order to establish partnerships for sustainable development.

Although in our first year of conception, aspects of sustainability had been integrated in the VSA culture, curriculum, and campus of our school. Some of our past, continuing, and up-coming initiatives include:

  • Collaboration with Food Link to donate cooked food from the cafeteria.

  • Collaboration with O-Park to divert our food wastes to generating biofertilizers.

  • Collaborating with our food provider, Chartwells, to source sustainable seafood.

  • Collaborating with our food provider, Chartwells, to provide green-meals consisting  70% of vegetables.

  • Working with our bus company, Pak Ho, to move to using biodiesel for our school buses.

  • Using solar panels to generate energy for campus consumption.

  • Using a rainwater aggregation system to collect rainwater for school gardens.

  • Developing a student-run vegetable garden in the school.

  • Empowering student agency by encouraging  students to take individual and collective actions, including developing personal projects and starting various clubs:  WWF, Plastic Free Seas, Say No to Shark Fin Soup, and Polar Bear Campaign.

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