Our Focus

At TASS, we advocate for higher standards of sustainability in the provision of goods and services to schools. We’re focused on systems change in five areas where major sustainability challenges and opportunities exist for all schools: school uniforms, school buses, school food, school buildings, and education for sustainability.

These challenges manifest every day in thousands of schools around the region and, in aggregate, they represent a major environmental impact. But while every individual school recognizes them, and many do their best to grapple with them, because they are systemic problems, they can most effectively be addressed by working together as an Alliance and leveraging our collective power.

School Uniforms

It’s fact of life that students grow out of their uniforms quickly creating mountains of textile waste. What happens to it and how can we keep it to a minimum? TASS actively supports the use of sustainable materials and supply chains in school uniform design. We partner with schools and companies like Retykle to develop the market for second hand uniforms, maximize recycling and upcycling, and minimize textile waste to landfill.

Our Partners for Change
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School Buses

Every day thousands of students commute to and from school in buses that run on fossil fuels. This isn’t aligned with global climate goals. TASS advocates for the use of low carbon fuels and electric school buses. We connect school bus operators with best-in-class manufacturers and industry-leading practitioners so they can “get on board” with the effort to safeguard our children’s future.


Our Partners for Change

School Food

What we eat has a huge environmental impact, but the menu at most schools we talk to isn’t designed with sustainability in mind. By working with schools, students, food service providers, and industry partners to showcase sustainable options and influence attitudes and beliefs, TASS helps shift the menu towards more sustainable alternatives.


Our Partners for Change

School Buildings

School buildings are generally not very energy efficient leading to higher than necessary carbon emissions and operating expenses. TASS promotes best practice in low-carbon and energy- efficient school building design and we work with architects, engineering firms, heads of school and building committees to envision and help create a more sustainable future. Image courtesy of Hackbridge Primary School – the first zero-carbon school in the UK.

Our Partners for Change
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Education for Sustainability

Education for sustainability is an approach that aims to develop students, schools and communities with the knowledge, values and motivation to take action for sustainability – in their personal lives, within their community and also at a global scale, now and in the future.

TASS partners with leaders in the field of education for sustainability to offer professional learning for teachers interested in this area.  TASS also advocates with school, exam boards, education ministries, accreditation organisations, and curriculum designers for the principles of education for sustainability to become mainstream.

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