The Charter is our compass and our promise to each other and to our students, to operate according to a set of guiding principles related to sustainability. Heads of Schools sign the Charter when they join The Alliance as an expression of their commitment to prioritise sustainability in all aspects of their operations and decision-making.

The Sustainable Schools Charter

Our common mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning, and equip our students with the skills and knowledge to become responsible and empowered global stewards who work collaboratively to build a sustainable future for our planet. We recognize the seriousness of our ecological crises – including climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution and water scarcity – and the challenges they pose for the health and wellbeing of our students and the global community. As sustainability stewards, we recognize our shared responsibility as caretakers to care for our planet on behalf of future generations.

The signatories wish to join the many institutions around the world who have pledged their commitment to respond to these sustainability challenges by building a collaborative community of global awareness and action in support of sustainable living for all humanity

As signatories to this Charter, we recognize the following three principles:

  • We have an ethical obligation as educators to provide students, as the future global leaders and decision makers, with a thorough, science- based understanding of the nature of environmental, social, and economic sustainability challenges for their benefit and the benefit of future generations;
  • We have a civic obligation for our schools to serve as models within the community to promote a sustainable and healthy global future through the prudent utilization of natural resources; and
  • We have a social obligation to work collaboratively with all global stakeholders to achieve the aims of this charter.

We commit our schools to act in support of sustainability by pledging to:

Develop practices within our schools that enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to become sustainability stewards;

Review our own policies and institutional operations to establish targets for the reduction of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and waste;

Align where possible our built environment with sustainable design principles;

Support and establish facilities, research, and education programs designed to create a “living laboratory” for sustainability within our schools;

Enhance operational efficiencies and manage consumption of resources in our schools through target-setting aligned with the spirit of this charter;

Utilize opportunities in our schools to enhance students’ understanding of the inter-related environmental social and economic challenges of climate change and sustainability across all fields of study;

Seek opportunities to establish collaborative links with like-minded community entities in pursuit of the aims of this Charter;

Share key sustainability targets and best practices with our community stakeholders and Charter signatories through The Alliance for Sustainable Schools.





  • 為教育工作者,我們有責任為將來成為全球領導者及決策者的學生,提供全面、科學的理論基礎,理解環境、社會及經濟可持續性的挑戰,成就自身和未來世代的福祉;
  • 們對學校有公民義務,藉着謹慎使用自然資源,推動可持續及健全的未來世界,作為社群中的典範;以及
  • 們有社會責任與所有全球持份者攜手合作,以實現本約章的目標。










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