Sustainable School Food Summit at Chinese International School


Saturday, 22nd April 2023




Chinese International School, Hong Kong

Apr 22

Students from the Chinese International School (CIS) are hosting a summit on sustainable school food with support from The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) and Grassroots Initiatives. The summit will explore the sustainability challenges associated with the food system, how these issues can be addressed in the context of schools, and what role students can play. The focus will be on generating concrete actions and strategies to catalyse change.

As part of the summit, the students are planning to hold a competition. The competition aims to elevate the conversation about sustainability of school food and to bust some common myths that are obstacles to sustainable school food becoming more widespread and popular such as – “sustainable food is too expensive”, “most students don’t like/won’t eat sustainable food”, and “sustainable food isn’t possible at scale in Hong Kong.”

A select number of local celebrity chefs will be invited to create a sustainable dish suitable for inclusion in a school lunch menu and serve the dish to attendees on the day of the conference. The winning entry will be decided by student votes and an independent panel of judges based on predetermined criteria. School lunch providers will commit in advance to serving the winning entry on the menu at the schools they work for throughout the subsequent academic year.

To reserve your spot for the event, register here.

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