Grassroots Initiatives and Sustainable School Food

Grassroots Initiatives and Sustainable School Food

Our Partnership with Grassroots Initiatives

The Grassroots Initiatives’ Training & Consultancy is a social-enterprise dedicated to help food service companies transition into more responsible practices within their operations. Their team takes into account a systems thinking approach when working with clients on a solution that is specific to them. For the hospitality industry there is not a one size fits all questionnaire or solution and we work from our lived experience of running a restaurant that implemented many of these responsible practices.

TASS is partnering with Grassroots Initiatives (GI) on the pillar of sustainable school food, where GI uses their culinary and operational know-how to help schools and their caterers shift their menus to more nutritious and plant-rich offerings to their respective students. GI’s ethos and values of helping our community recognise and shift to a more sustainable future through food aligns with TASS and their overall goals within other areas of the school community.

Find out how we worked with Grassroots Initiatives to catalyse systems change in schools through the Student-led Sustainable School Food Summit.

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