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Sustainable Schools in Penang: POWIIS

At the Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS), sustainability is a whole school focus where the UN Sustainable Development Goals are embedded in our curriculum maps, global citizenship and service education programmes. Sustainability education is delivered throughout the classroom, school, community, and we build links with other stakeholders such as Penang Green Council to support the green agenda for Penang 2030.

The school community takes an active role in developing and delivering our sustainability message as well as reducing our impact on the environment. The student and staff body also support others within the wider community to share our knowledge, expertise, and most valuable asset – time. We wish for POWIIS to be an inspiration for others to follow.

Through projects such as setting up a local recycling collection point, the students received the Sustainability Prize, placed 1st and 2nd within the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerces Climate action week, won a variety of Race4Good global rounds and received global recognition which placed them in the top 5 Global Social Leaders; which shows how deeply our students care about this topic.

Within our student leadership structure, each committee focuses on a different element of sustainability – the humanitarian committee responds to climate-related disasters, the sustainable development committee supports communities dealing with waste and ocean conservation. The POWIIS Eco Committee was recently awarded Eco Schools Flag status this year and focused on three key areas: waste, energy and biodiversity, and nature.

  • Within the school we recycle all of our type 2 and 5 plastics on site as part of the Precious Plastics Programme.
  • Food waste is composted using both vermiculture and mechanical industrial enzymes.
  • Phasing out single use plastic in favour of non-plastic or recyclable materials where possible
  • Reducing our energy use, reminders about turning off lights and setting air conditioner temperatures to 24 degrees celsius.
  • Creating a farm and pond area, as well as planting local species.

The committee undertakes a number of different tasks throughout the year such as hosting annual events, completing curriculum audits, generating surveys, reports, and greening classrooms.

View our signing ceremony of the Sustainable Schools Charter.

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