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Sustainability at
French International School of Hong Kong

What is Sustainable Development at FIS?

FIS is a pioneer in teaching sustainable development. We organise a range of activities during the school year to raise student awareness about Sustainable Development issues. Activities include:

  • Green or sustainable development clubs
  • Beach cleaning
  • Collaborating with environmental NGOs
  • Participating in the Ocean3C symposium focused on ocean conservation, along with other local and international schools
  • Training programme to become Climate Freak facilitators, enabling students to act as ambassadors, leading sessions and educating the general public and companies about the causes and consequences of climate change
  • Creation of holistic pedagogical gardens (from organic waste management to gardening activities and biodiversity protection) for primary and secondary students
  • Rolling out a school-wide Climate Action Plan (from climate change education to carbon auditing and GHG reduction)

In addition, our curricula includes many modules and initiatives that focus on these sustainable development issues, for example:

  • Multiple opportunities to learn about the United Nations SDGs, in both the IEYC and IPC curricula
  • An introduction to gardening for primary students
  • Election and training of Sustainability Ambassador / eco-delegates in both primary and secondary
  • Partnership with Impaakt, an online platform which helps students understand companies’ social and environmental responsibilities
  • An optional IB course called ‘Environmental Systems and Societies’ for Y12 and Y13 students
  • Workshops aiming to encourage students to manage their food waste
  • Talks from relevant industry specialists

Take a look at photos from our signing ceremony of the Sustainable Schools Charter below, which marked our membership to The Alliance for Sustainable Schools.

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