SISD Joins The Alliance for Sustainable Schools

SISD Joins The Alliance for Sustainable Schools

We are thrilled to welcome Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) as a Founding Member of TASS!

SISD has a whole-school approach to sustainability. One of its areas of focus is water conservation. The school also has a long-term goal to reduce its waste to landfill by 75%. Their strategy includes a Zero Waste Vendor Policy which aims to increase reusability, recycling and composting. SISD’s campus includes Learning Gardens with 30 raised garden beds for growing flowers and vegetables with the objective to foster a love for nature amongst students.

Pictured above is the Principal, Ruth Burke, signing the Sustainable Schools Charter in the presence of students and staff from SISD’s Sustainability Council, Gullrukh Rafiq and Helen Milner, as well as the Head of Operations, Alexander Varghese.

Thank you for your commitment to sustainability!

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