ISF Academy Signs The Sustainable Schools Charter

ISF Academy Signs The Sustainable Schools Charter

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools is delighted to welcome The ISF Academy as a Founding Member. On the 19th of October 2022, ISF’s Head of School Dr. Malcolm Pritchard signed the Sustainable Schools Charter witnessed by 17 members of the school’s Green Guardians, a student environmental group led by Ms. Diana Lynne Zuck Ibarra, Director of Shuyuan.


ISF Head of School, Dr. Malcolm Pritchard, signs the Sustainable Schools Charter as witnessed by 17 members of the school’s Green Guardians.


The Charter was signed in the school’s beautiful biodiversity garden which is home to more than 24 different species of plants including 11 natives, among them the important trees of Bauhinia and Agarwood that represent Hong Kong.

The Charter is the Alliance’s foundational document that all Heads of School sign when their school becomes a member of the Alliance. In signing the Charter, they acknowledge the concerns that young people have about our multiple environmental crises, and make a commitment to students, the school community and other members of the Alliance, to continue to operate the school according to the sustainability principles expressed in the Charter.

Learn more about ISF’s commitment to sustainability here.

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