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Yasmina British Academy

At Yasmina British Academy, sustainability is at the core of our mission, aiming to empower the next generation to shape a brighter future through the integration of the five pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership. Through a diverse range of initiatives and events, both within and beyond our campus, we strive to nurture a culture of sustainability.

Within our school community, we host various in-house events such as Plastic from Milk, a Climate Change Public Speaking Competition, the One-Piece Initiative, discussions on Food Waste and Food Loss, and the esteemed Young Chef Award. These activities not only raise awareness but also actively engage our students in addressing environmental challenges. Recognised for our commitment, Yasmina British Academy was honoured with the prestigious ECO-Schools Green Flag status in early 2023, a testament to our emphasis on partnership. Continuously seeking new collaborations and innovative approaches, we value our membership with TASS, leveraging it to provide unique platforms and experiences for our students through our Sustainability Ambassadors network.

To monitor our environmental impact, we meticulously track metrics such as recycled plastic usage and energy consumption, while also maintaining an air quality index across different areas of our campus. This data-driven approach informs our decisions, guiding efforts to enhance green spaces, optimise recycling infrastructure, and reduce energy consumption, promoting both environmental sustainability and student well-being. Beyond our campus borders, we forge partnerships with esteemed organisations like ALDAR, Emirates Environmental Group, and ClimateFresk, collaborating to showcase our initiatives and glean insights to inspire others.

With gratitude to TASS, we aspire to catalyse enduring change that resonates across educational institutions, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability.

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