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Sustainability at
The Harbour School

The Harbour School Hong Kong (THS) launched the Social Impact and Sustainability Program (SISP) in August 2021 to inspire and educate young students, teachers, parents and all stakeholders about United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – through sustainability education and operation within the campus.

THS would like to demonstrate that the set-up of a whole-school sustainability program in each K-12 school could be a unique and strategic opportunity to directly involve those who are sometimes left behind in the global movement of racing towards sustainable development – our children. The interlinked nature of SDGs allows schools to innovate and create all kinds of learning possibilities and initiatives that align with each school’s culture and mission, then share the knowledge beyond school walls.

THS students as young as in primary level are properly guided and informed about sustainable development through structured activities revolving around SDGs – thoughtful and interactive so children were interested to participate – totalling 162 learning activities from sharing sessions, workshops to exposure trips, mindfully planned and executed since the launch of the SISP.

THS pioneers and brings innovative ideas and projects to life. One recent example is when THS SISP planned an educational seaweed farming project back in 2021, and officially launched in August 2022 together with other specialists of THS’ Centres of Excellence. The seaweed project led by THS was chosen by World’s Best School Prizes 2023 (WBSP) as one of the Top 10 shortlisted schools under the Environmental Action Category.

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