SMM High School

Sustainability at
SMM High School

At SMM High School, we are committed to being a sustainable school by fostering a spirit of accountability for our planet’s well-being. We aim to nurture global, responsible citizens and work to lessen the negative impact of human footprints on the environment and build a strong sense of connection with the earth through student-led activities and hands-on learning opportunities.

The theme of sustainability is integrated in our curriculum and everyday practices to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be environmentally conscious decision makers in life. Environmental protection efforts are a part of our yearly calendar and events to mark Earth Day, World Water Day, World Animal Day, World Soil Day, and Earth Hour to name a few, are held to raise awareness and commitment to these causes. In addition, projects on conservation eg. reducing food waste are led by students to determine the food/grocery buying patterns of households and recommend changes to achieve the aim of minimising food waste due to bulk buying or cooking huge quantities unnecessarily or diverse food habits of family members.

The culture of saving energy and water on the school campus are practised through displays to remind students to switch off the lights when leaving the classrooms and turning off the tap promptly after use. Tracking charts like the classroom cleanliness record is maintained to track classrooms where this is followed diligently. Air conditioning is run at an optimum temperature to save energy.

In addition, routine practices such as waste segregation and collection of plastic bottles, paper and metal cans for recycling are done on the school campus. Furthermore, students are involved in learning to grow a garden from seeds and organic manure obtained from kitchen waste to teach them about the potential of developing self-sufficiency in food for personal consumption by using available resources from the kitchen. Besides, students are also guided to grow plants hydroponically to highlight alternative pathways for moving towards the goal of ‘zero hunger’ through sustainable agricultural methods. SMM has also chosen student champions of sustainability and environment aims to direct, plan, and implement activities, programmes, and practices to make SMM a sustainable school.

Lastly, our school collaborates with Emirates Environmental Group and actively participates in the events organized by them on a national level. This renowned and prestigious organization prioritizes environmental protection through community awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and action programmes in the UAE. Our engagement with these initiatives includes clean-up campaigns, awareness drives, and the recycling of recyclable waste. These efforts exemplify our commitment to environmental stewardship and community involvement.

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