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At Pearl British Academy, our whole school mission statement presents our commitment to purposeful, skill-based learning. We equip our children with the 21st century learning skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity and whilst constantly achieving academic excellence, we enable a rich and broad curricular experience.

This important balance is enabled through extra-curricular activities, curriculum timetabling and project-based learning in all year groups where we are building a sustainable future with our children, global understanding and conservation at the heart of all our projects.

Our Eco Ambassadors and class Eco Reps are committed to this vision. We focus on impactful plans to ensure our actions are real and lived in our school and community. The Eco Ambassadors work under our 5 Sustainable areas of Recycle, Reuse, Rethink, Reduce and Refuse. These focus our projects and habits to tackle in-school / community issues such as:

  • REFUSE – single-use plastic.
  • RETHINK – the Eco ECA team work in tandem with the Reps developing the Greener Site initiative in our school to better tackle carbon emissions as well as launching greener transport projects through TASS and in-house carpooling and cycle parks in school.
  • RECYCLE – working with our recycling waste company, we are actively tracking and monitoring our production of waste.

This is our future. It is essential we get this right. We need to act now.

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