King George V School

Sustainability at
King George V School

Sustainability is a core focus at King George V School (KGV), with initiatives and programs in place to foster environmental thinking and social responsibility within our community. Our campus features several eco-friendly facilities, including a rooftop garden that serves as an outdoor classroom to teach our community about plant life and local biodiversity. We have also implemented energy-saving measures such as LED lighting and motion sensors to optimise energy consumption.

Recycling is strongly emphasised, with bins placed throughout the campus for proper disposal of paper, plastic bottles, cans, and other recyclable materials. Additionally, areas have been set aside for native plant species, creating habitats for local wildlife and promoting biodiversity. Students, teachers, and parents collaborate in gardening clubs to maintain these green spaces and deepen their understanding of ecological balance.

The school curriculum provides numerous opportunities for students to engage with sustainability. An interdisciplinary unit between English and Science classes, for example, challenges students to identify and address environmental problems in the local community. Various student-led initiatives further reinforce these efforts, such as the ESF Sustainability Alliance, Composting CAS Group, Eco Friends, Seaing Change, EarthwiseHK, and EcoSol HK. These groups organise awareness campaigns, advocate for policy changes, and collaborate with external organisations to drive positive environmental and social impact.

Additionally, KGV students have participated in programs like the ITSF Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific initiative, further expanding their sustainability knowledge and leadership skills on a global scale. Through these diverse initiatives, KGV continues to empower its community to be agents of change, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

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