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At ICHK we interpret sustainability holistically, at the personal, somatic and psychological level.

We need to be sustainable within ourselves before we set out to fix problems we might see in the world. If we are calm and balanced internally, then we will have the energy and capacity to effect change in a more sustained fashion in the future.

The Human Technologies curriculum we run here at ICHK asks students to explicitly reflect on their backgrounds, their values, and their future goals. We run a wide panoply of environmentally-focused extracurricular activities that work to develop a growth mindset within our students. Uniquely, compared to other Hong Kong schools, we are situated in the spectacular natural environment of the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, so students are always engaging in hiking, camping, cycling, and science trips to embrace the outdoors and appreciate issues of sustainability at the local level.

A team of Eco Warriors is leading a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, under the guidance of Sustainability Coordinator Jon Rees. Our two TASS ambassadors are part of this club, and they connect with our School Representative Council and School Media Team to promote key sustainability issues within ICHK.

We have been collaborating with our caterers, Chartwells, to reduce single-use plastic, increase the range of the vegetarian options offered on the menu (and the reduced carbon impact that these provide). We’ve also launched an air-con awareness programme and are looking out for many other ways to make positive connections throughout the school.

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