International Grammar School

Sustainability at
International Grammar School

International Grammar School is a unique independent, co-educational, secular school in the heart of Sydney, Australia that is committed to progressing sustainability. Since 2016, sustainability has been a central part of our school’s strategic vision. We are committed to fostering a culture of sustainability in key areas, including waste, energy, biodiversity, water, resources, and activism.

Our student-led ‘Sustainable Futures’ group, established in 2017, plays a vital role in driving sustainability initiatives within our school. This group empowers students to take ownership of projects and actively engage in environmental issues.

In 2020, we appointed a Head of Sustainability, underlining our commitment to sustainable practices in school operations and education. Additionally, our first student Sustainability Portfolio Leader was appointed in 2021, reinforcing the importance of student involvement in sustainability leadership.

We’ve adopted the Eco-Schools model to structure and organise our sustainability initiatives. This globally recognized framework has guided us in setting goals, implementing action plans, and monitoring progress effectively.

Our dedication to sustainability has earned us recognition, including the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award, The Educator’s 5 Star Sustainable Schools Award, and recognition as a category finalist in the KAB Sustainable Cities awards. These accolades highlight our commitment to making a meaningful and lasting impact on the environment and our community.

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