Global English School Al Ain

Sustainability at
Global English School Al Ain

Global English School (GES) is always committed to improving its environmental efficiency and raising awareness amongst students and the school community. We are committed to:

  • Assessing our own environmental impact and being able to address it
  • Empowering students to reach out to the community
  • Providing training and resource material for teachers
  • Providing effective environmental education in classrooms
  • Exposing students to ‘hands-on’ field experiences


Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with the United Nations sustainability development goals (SDGs). By incorporating four of these goals (Goal 3, 11, 12 and 16) into our curriculum and daily practices, we are fostering global citizenship and a deep understanding of the world’s most pressing issues among our students. By taking these actions, we aim to instil in our students a sense of responsibility, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to creating a better, more sustainable world and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Mini-COP Summit took place on 1st March 2024, where we signed the Sustainable Schools Charter and officiated our membership to The Alliance as one of the first members in Al Ain. Ms Peyton, Ms Alghala and Mr Viaz Hanan were chosen as the TASS Student Ambassadors. The students of GES also presented 14 different models at the Summit, including capturing solar energy for homes, cars and even submarines.

Other sustainability initiatives include the Used Cooking Oil (UCO) project where students collect used cooking oil from their homes to reduce the quantity of waste cooking oil that clogs our residential areas and cafeterias. The objective of this project is to use the UCO to produce biodiesel – a low-carbon alternative to fossil diesel in our school buses, which is aligned with TASS’s focus on sustainable school transport.

TASS is a proud member of