GEMS Founders School Dubai

Sustainability at
GEMS Founders School Dubai

GEMS Founders School (GFS) has implemented several comprehensive sustainability initiatives that encompass various aspects of eco-conscious practices to promote environmental awareness and responsibility among its students and staff.

To encourage recycling, GFS has placed recycling bins and posters in each classroom. This initiative ensures that waste separation is convenient and accessible, fostering a culture of responsible waste management.

The “Simply Bottles” recycling campaign has gained prominence at GFS. It encourages students to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste by providing convenient recycling stations across the school. The campaign not only reduces plastic pollution but also educates the school community about the importance of reducing waste.

“GFS Flounder the Fish Recycling Bin” is an innovative project aimed at promoting responsible disposal of plastics. The colorful fish-shaped bin is strategically outside the primary canteen, making it fun and engaging for students to participate in recycling activities.

Gardens have been an essential part of GFS’s sustainability efforts. The school’s gardens serve as both an educational tool and a source of fresh produce for the school cafeteria. These gardens instil in students a deep appreciation for nature and self-sufficiency.

Incorporating recycling bins and posters, the “Simply Bottles” campaign, the “Flounder the Fish Recycling Bin,” and gardens into the school’s sustainability framework demonstrates GFS’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the holistic education of its students on the principles of sustainability. These initiatives not only reduce the school’s environmental footprint but also cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious and responsible citizens.

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