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Sustainability at
Enderun Colleges

Enderun Colleges has actively promoted the need for sustainable action grounded in education and advocacy since its establishment in 2005 through its program offerings, registered student organizations, and inculcation of the Sustainable Development Goals throughout the institution. In 2017, Enderun Colleges won the 2017 Award for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools out of the 45 public and private schools that entered the national finals hosted by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Philippine Commission on Higher Education. 

Since then, the Senior High School has endeavored to continue this tradition of action through partnerships and collaborations with our immediate communities and environmental groups through our Office of Social Orientation and Community Development and other college departments. By joining The Alliance of Sustainable Schools, our Senior High School students hope to spearhead our own sustainability initiatives in alignment with the TASS Charter.

Enderun Colleges’ commitment to sustainability is best summed up by the words of our former Director for Sustainability, Mr. Edmond P. Maceda: “At the heart of sustainability is education, for it is our responsibility to prepare our students for the world they will inherit.” This sentiment is carried forward by Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, School President, whose legacy with the school revolved around ensuring a sustainable future that is brighter for all in partnership with TASS. 

TASS is a proud member of