ECF Saint Too Canaan College

Sustainability at
ECF Saint Too Canaan College

ECF Saint Too Canaan College is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. We established our Green School Committee in the 2017-18 academic year to promote a positive attitude towards environmental protection throughout our entire school community. Working with environmental professionals, we have implemented best practices to create a green campus.

Our efforts focus on various areas. We prioritize energy-saving initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. We also implement water conservation measures and encourage responsible water usage. Efficient space utilization is important to us, as we aim to optimize our campus facilities while minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, we promote responsible material usage, emphasizing recycling and waste reduction.

Our dedication to environmental excellence has been recognized. We are proud recipients of the bronze award from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in the Schools Sector. Our school has also achieved a green rating under BEAM Plus Existing School V1.0, showcasing our outstanding performance in sustainable leadership, learning, and campus environment. These achievements have garnered public praise and recognition.

At ECF Saint Too Canaan College, we believe that fostering a culture of environmental responsibility will shape our students into conscientious global citizens. We strive to instill in them a deep understanding of the importance of preserving our planet. Through promoting sustainable practices and providing environmental education, we empower our students to actively contribute to environmental preservation.

Through our Green School Committee and commitment to sustainable development, we aim to serve as a role model for other schools in Hong Kong. By showcasing our efforts, we hope to inspire the academic community to prioritize environmental stewardship and make positive changes for a greener future.

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