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Sustainability at
Canggu Community School Bali

Canggu Community School (CCS) takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to sustainability, recognizing the vital role it plays in shaping responsible global citizens and fostering a respectful relationship between our community and the environment. At the core of our ethos is a dedication to instilling environmental awareness, responsibility, and sustainable practices in our students.

CCS integrates sustainability across various facets of school life, from the curriculum to day-to-day operations. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate an understanding of environmental challenges and solutions, encouraging students to explore and develop a sense of stewardship for the planet. This commitment extends beyond theoretical knowledge, incorporating practical experiences such as community projects, eco-friendly initiatives, and outdoor education that immerse students in real-world sustainability practices.

In our daily operations, CCS is focused on minimizing its ecological footprint. From waste reduction programs and energy-efficient infrastructure to sustainable sourcing practices, we strive to implement environmentally conscious choices. Our facilities, including the lush green spaces, gardens, and river serve as living classrooms, promoting biodiversity and reinforcing the importance of ecological balance.

CCS actively engages with the local Balinese community, fostering partnerships and collaborations that promote sustainable practices. We believe in leading by example, and through our commitment to sustainability, we aim to inspire our students, staff, and wider community to be thoughtful stewards of the environment, both locally and globally. In embracing sustainability as a guiding value, Canggu Community School is dedicated to creating a positive impact, not only within our school community but in contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

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