British School of Bahrain

Sustainability at
British School of Bahrain

BSB’s path to a more sustainable future

The British School of Bahrain has a clear mission statement for sustainability:

The British School of Bahrain has a responsibility to educate the leaders of tomorrow and, through this, ensure sustainability and a shared responsibility for humanity for the future of local and global communities.

This mission statement shapes our “4 As for a More Sustainable School Community:

  1. Action increasing direct actions of the entire community through reduction, reuse and recycling.
  2. Atmosphere improving the working environment of the school through specific sustainable projects, to promote living and working in a natural environment.
  3. Awareness increasing the awareness of all parents, students and staff through educational programmes, visual displays and new initiatives.
  4. Achievements raising the profile of the school by gaining international recognition and awards for projects and initiatives being implemented.

Each of these 4 strands is divided into direct actions, which, combined, will secure a more sustainable future for the British School of Bahrain, our local community and the world. Already, BSB has numerous successful sustainability initiatives, including:

  • An award-winning partnership cleaning plastics from local beaches and converting them into furniture and waste bins.
  • A food composter recycling all food waste
  • Daily education about food waste and periodic ‘clean plate challenges’
  • A renovated and sustainable EcoGarden
  • Community collection point for plastics
  • Collaboration of schools through the annual EcoSummit

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