The American School of Creative Science (ASCS)

Sustainability at
The American School of Creative Science (ASCS)

The American School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba (ASCS) has formed an Eco Committee comprised of students, teachers, administration, operations, parents, and the HSE Manager, who work collaboratively to drive forward our self-evaluation and review process in relation to sustainability and actively works to support students to achieve environment & sustainability goals set.  

Through this dynamic process, the school has worked to set its ECO Code to ensure students’ understanding of key sustainability pillars of our school community. The Eco Committee meets regularly with student representatives to monitor progress and review set action plan. 

Communication of the school’s Eco Action Plan annually has worked to ensure all stakeholders are aware of targets set. In addition to which, the school’s “Green Act” newsletter has worked to share with the community at large all the education, projects, and activities taking place across the school to generate awareness of our of eco-conscious practices to promote environmental awareness and responsibility among its students and staff. 

To encourage recycling, ASCS has placed recycling bins in all classrooms and halls with promotion and education on understanding the color of each bin.  This initiative ensures that waste separation is convenient and accessible, fostering a culture of responsible waste management and has resulted also in some financial savings through recycling rebates received.  

Additional campaigns such as our “Bring Your Bottle” has encouraged students to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste helping to reduce not only plastic pollution but also educates the school community about the importance of reducing waste. Furthermore, our “Green Mondays” campaign which focuses on promoting a plant-based diet once a week through exploration of healthy fruits, grains and vegetables, has not only educated students on healthy eating but also incorporating a plant-based diet can also contribute positively in the fight against climate change.   

ASCS has also fostered creative methods to instil values of respect and responsibility for the environment from a young age with our Eco Mascot “Viro” who not only shares weekly “Turn of the Lights Tuesday” reminders with the school community, but also goes home weekly with our KG – Grade 4 students to take part in their weekend sustainability endeavours. “Viro” also assists our operations staff to signpost around the school our Carbon Footprint each month sharing comparison to same point last year to encourage awareness of our impact on the environment and motivate us all to take steps to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Our Eco Ambassadors in each grade serve as role models and also assist “Viro” in carrying out end of day sustainability checks to ensure lights, projectors, and monitors are turned off and doors closed to conserve energy with all checks logged via our “Eco Warriors” QR Code.   

Building on from our conservation and recycling initiatives, ASCS has begun to raise awareness of bio-diversity and gardens have been an essential part of ASCS’s sustainability efforts. We have installed hydroponic gardens with students as well as sought out spaces for students to garden. Efforts like these we seek to expand when we move to our new campus facility as well as through collaboration with organizations such as FEE, Emirates Green Building Council, Dar Alhandasa, and Eco Matcher. 

Staff training in sustainable education has also been a focus of our staff’s professional development with staff completing courses on UAE’s Environmental Sustainability Framework and FEE’s Seven Steps – A Project Based Learning Best Practice, and our curriculum review now focuses on ensuring the UAE framework for environment and sustainability is meaningfully integrated across the school. Students have also actively participated in Global Days of Action which also works to promote sustainability and environmental education through meaningful cross curricular links, and our High School Community service program also entails modules centred around sustainability also incorporating this as a Capstone project option. 

At ASCS, we believe in working together to serve the environment, educate our community, and to create a sustainable future for all. Our initiatives demonstrate ASCS’s commitment to holistic education inclusive of principles of sustainability, working to cultivate civic minded leaders who are environmentally conscious and act as responsible citizens.  

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