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Sustainability at American Academy for Girls

At the American Academy for Girls, we are commited to promoting sustainability and supporting the United Nations Sustainability Goals as a member of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS). We have implemented various practices to align with these goals, such as incorporating sustainability into our curriculum, promoting waste reduction and recycling, and encouraging students to become sustainability advocates.

In our curriculum, we integrate lessons and projects that focus on the UN Sustainability Goals, including climate action, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production. Our students learn about the principles of sustainability and the importance of creating a sustainable future, in alignment with the UN Sustainability Goals. This culminates in our Greenovation Week which incorporates our learning from the year as well as innovative product designs with an environmental focus.

AAG is proud of its Green Ambassadors as the Earth protectors at AAG. The Green Ambassadors are responsible for promoting sustainability practices throughout the school and organizing events and initiatives that support our sustainability goals. They work to encourage their fellow students and staff to reduce waste, recycle, and adopt other sustainable practices that support the UN Sustainability Goals and the mission and vision of TASS.

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