Al Shohub Private School

Sustainability at
Al Shohub Private School

In Al Shohub, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life ingrained in our daily practices. At the heart of our efforts lies the Eco Council, a dedicated group of students and teachers committed to promoting environmentally friendly initiatives. Through their leadership, we’ve implemented a comprehensive recycling program that encourages students and staff alike to minimise waste by sorting and recycling materials wherever possible.
But it doesn’t stop there. We reinforce the importance of recycling through educational campaigns and initiatives, ensuring everyone understands the impact of their actions on the planet. Single-use plastics, once ubiquitous in our school, are now being phased out in favor of more sustainable alternatives. Starting with reusable water bottles, we’re reducing our plastic footprint one step at a time.
Beyond waste management, sustainability permeates every aspect of school life. We’ve embraced energy-efficient practices, turning off all lights and taps whenever possible as well as using energy efficient bulb. Our new hydroponics are nurtured and cherished, providing not only a haven for biodiversity but also valuable opportunities for learning.
Through the collective efforts of the Eco Council, students, teachers, and staff, our school is not just a place of learning but aiming a be a beacon of progressing sustainability, inspiring positive change within our community and beyond.

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