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Sustainability at
ADNOC Schools Madinat Zayed

At ADNOC Schools Madinat Zayed, sustainability is a core value integrated into every aspect of our educational environment. We are committed to fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and responsibility among our students, staff, and community. Our comprehensive approach to sustainability includes energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and environmental education. In recognition of our efforts, ADNOC School was awarded with Eco-Schools Bronze and Silver awards in 2023, highlighting our dedication to sustainable practices and education.

Energy efficiency is prioritized by optimizing the use of natural light, planning to implement energy-saving LED lighting, and maintaining efficient HVAC systems. We actively monitor and manage our energy consumption to minimize our carbon footprint. Water conservation efforts include the use of efficient irrigation systems and native landscaping to reduce water usage. Students are educated about the importance of water conservation and participate in activities that promote sustainable water use practices.

Waste reduction is achieved through comprehensive recycling programs and initiatives to minimize single-use plastics. We promote a culture of reusability and proper waste segregation to ensure maximum recycling efficiency. Our goal is to significantly reduce waste sent to landfills by encouraging responsible consumption and waste management practices. Environmental education is embedded in our curriculum, with students engaging in projects and activities that raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainable practices. Through hands-on learning experiences, students are empowered to become future leaders in sustainability.

ADNOC School has made significant strides in promoting sustainability and raising awareness among its students. Initially, we focus on raising awareness and observing and learning how to improve the situation. Our students design creative STEM projects focused on sustainable energy and recyclable resources. The ‘Genius Plus Program’ involves Gifted and Talented students discussing climate change and sustainability. As part of this initiative, Genius Plus students visited ADNOC School Ruwais to educate fellow students about sustainability and the challenges of climate change and global warming. These activities engage students in sustainable practices, keeping them informed and educated about environmental issues.

At ADNOC Schools Madinat Zayed, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future and instilling the values of environmental responsibility in the next generation.

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