Rewrite and Education for Sustainability

Rewrite and Education for Sustainability

Meet our Partner for Change: Rewrite

TASS has partnered with Rewrite under its pillar of education for sustainability. Rewrite is a dynamic online climate change programme designed for high school students to learn how they can have real impact and make positive environmental changes to their lives, whilst exploring new climate focused career paths.

Rewrite offers a range of courses covering the carbon cycle, climate change, climate action, energy, renewables and the impact of climate change on transport, waste, fashion, food, farming and more. These are highly adaptable and can be integrated into Green Schools Committees, Global Citizenship education, and various school subjects like Science, Geography, Art, as well as Civic, Social & Political Education.

Why Rewrite? 

The urgency of climate change means we need a new approach to engaging young people. Rewrite courses were developed to ‘meet young people where they are at’. Exploring climate science with engaging video content, animations, and quizzes creates an interactive learning experience. Students can also benefit from self-directed online lessons and offline assignments to enrich their educational journey.

Rewrite Education recognises the critical importance of addressing climate change and its profound impact on our planet and future generations. With an online climate change programme, their vision is to inspire a generation of environmentally-conscious leaders, offering them the knowledge and skills to drive positive change at home, in school and in their local communities in the face of significant climate challenges.

Exclusively for TASS Members: 

Starting 15 January 2024, two TASS Student Ambassadors per school can enjoy complimentary access to the Rewrite fashion course. This offer is valid for three months only – until 15 April 2024.

TASS members that are interested in purchasing the Rewrite Core or Full Programmes are also eligible to receive a 10% discount. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to receive the promo code.

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