Neutral Fuels and Sustainable School Buses

Neutral Fuels and Sustainable School Buses

Our Partnership with Neutral Fuels

Students from around the world travel to school in buses that still run on fossil fuels. Biodiesel blends like B5 and B20 can be used as a substitute for fossil diesel fuel in school buses to reduce carbon emissions. It’s a carbon mitigation option that can be implemented immediately without the need for any additional infrastructure or engine modifications.

Neutral Fuels (based in Dubai and with operations around the UAE) manufactures biodiesel from waste cooking oil which it has been collecting from local restaurants since 2011. Since its inception, Neutral Fuels biofuel has reduced CO₂e emissions by more than 36.5 million kg. Their biodiesel is certified sustainable by ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and its fuel meets the European standard for biodiesel, EN14214.

Today, Neutral Fuels is supplying B5 to a fleet of over 250 school buses operated by STS in Dubai, however there are over 3,500 school buses operating in the UAE – so much more can be done. TASS is working with Neutral Fuels and STS to promote the wider use of biodiesel in school buses throughout the UAE and demonstrate its feasibility through pilots and trials with our member schools.

Watch a video of our recent workshop ‘Biodiesel and Sustainable School Buses’ to hear from Karl W. Feilder, Founder of Neutral Fuels, and Steve Burnell, Managing Director of STS Group on making our school buses more sustainable.

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