Pakistan Education Academy Signs The Sustainable Schools Charter

Pakistan Education Academy Signs The Sustainable Schools Charter

We are pleased to welcome Pakistan Education Academy (PEA) as a Founding Member of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools, and the first Pakistani school to sign the Sustainable Schools Charter.

PEA recognizes the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in shaping the future of our planet. Through its programs, students learn about sustainable living practices such as reducing waste, sorting our waste and conserving energy, and are encouraged to adopt these practices in their daily lives. Learn more about sustainability at PEA here.

The following school representatives were attendees of the TASS Charter signing ceremony:

Ms. Shamaela Ahmed- Principal
Qazi Awais Udin – Vice Principal and Head of Section, Boys Wing
Ms. Raana Kazim – Head of Section, Girls Wing
Ms. Shaista Zaheer – Head of Primary
Ms. Zarmeen Khan – Head of Section, KG
Mr. Zeeshan ul Bari – Head of Department FBISE & Senior Coordinator Boys wing
Ms. Annam Arif – Head of Department, Innovation and Technology (sustainability lead)
Ms. Komal Naveed – Head of Department, Science (sustainability lead)
Ms. Aruba Abdullah – Digital Media lead
Ms. Fathima Zahriya – Administrative lead
PEA students

Thank you for your commitment to sustainability!

Interested in becoming a member? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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