TASS Sustainable School Food Summit at COP28 – Day 2

TASS Sustainable School Food Summit at COP28 – Day 2


Sunday, 10th December 2023




Greening Education Pavilion, COP28

Dec 10

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the TASS Sustainable School Food Summit at COP28 – an engaging and impactful event which will take place over two days.

The summit aims to change the conversation about sustainable school food and bust some common myths about it. Too expensive? Too boring? Too difficult in Dubai? Come along and prepare to have your mind changed.

Join us on Day 2 (Dec 10th from 4:15 – 5:15pm), at the Greening Education Pavilion at COP for a panel discussion with senior executives from school food caterers in the UAE. Hear from them on what challenges they face in providing sustainable food to schools. You decide – are they doing enough?

And in case you were wondering… it’s not all talking and eating. There’s also lasting impact: all three school food caterers – Food Nation, Slices, and Leela’s Lunches – have committed to including these sustainable dishes on the menus at the 140 schools they serve to in the coming year.

Space is limited on both days so we will only be able to accommodate two people per school. To secure your place, please RSVP as soon as possible by registering at this link (please submit one form per attendee).

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in the first ever Education Pavilion at COP and to be part of an impactful movement for sustainable school food in the UAE.

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