Sustainability Behaviour Change Student Hackathon

Sustainability Behaviour Change Student Hackathon


Saturday, 27th April 2024




Chinese International School

Apr 27

Join us for Hong Kong’s first-ever Sustainability Behaviour Change Hackathon in collaboration with behavioural scientists from Behaven, and jointly organised by TASS, students from Chinese International School and French International School.

Taking place on April 27th with three hours of online skills training prior to the event and expert facilitation on the day, the hackathon offers students a unique opportunity to learn – and apply – cutting edge behavioural science-based tools to influence sustainable change in their schools. And here’s the real magic: the insights and solutions generated during this event will be readily available to you to support your growth.

Here’s what students will be doing with support from Behaven and a team of expert facilitators in the lead up to the Hackathon and on the day itself:

  • Learn behavioural science skills
  • Choose a sustainable behaviour to encourage in their school
  • Conduct an observational study and identify the barriers to change
  • Apply the skills they’ve learned to create behaviour change solutions
  • Devise and present an action plan
  • Implement their solutions in their schools and measure the impact

Our Partnership with Behaven:

According to The Guardian, a human ‘behavioural crisis’ is at the root of climate breakdown – we often do the most convenient thing, rather than the most sustainable thing. That’s why we’ve partnered with behavioural scientists from Behaven for the Hackathon.

Behaven combines behavioural science, marketing and systems thinking to develop sustainability programmes that help change behaviour.  Their co-founder Fred Dorsimont is an expert in behaviour change and communications strategy.  Using bespoke science-based tools, Behaven helps people analyse the whole system of behavioural influences and design solutions that encourage people to make sustainable choices.

Get ready to experience the power of behavioural science in action! Register for the event here. 

Summary of the event: 

  • Skills Training in Behavioral Science Tools. In the weeks prior to the event, participating students will receive 3 hours of virtual training from Behaven on the use of effective behavioural science tools. The dates for these trainings are Saturday March 23rd, Saturday April 13th and Saturday April 20th, all at 4pm. These sessions will be recorded but students are strongly encouraged to attend in real time. All participating students should have attended the trainings or watched the recordings prior to April 27th.
  • Observational Study. The students are asked to work in teams and each team is to choose a sustainability challenge relevant to their school in one of four thematic areas – waste, food, energy and travel. Some examples might be: why do people throw away much food in the canteen? Or why don’t more people take the school bus? Prior to the event, the students (working in teams), will conduct an observational study at school to identify the barriers that prevent people making sustainable choices in their chosen challenge. The study will take 2-3 hours and will need to be completed prior to the event on 27th.
  • Design and present an Intervention. On the day of the event, working in their teams, students will be supported by 10-15 expert facilitators to design and present a behavior change intervention which addresses their chosen sustainability challenge. How can the barriers to sustainable behavior that they observed be overcome? Facilitators will meet with Behaven and TASS for a briefing prior to the event.
  • Implementation and impact assessment. After the event, we will further support the students to implement their intervention in their school and measure its impact.
  • Certificate. A certificate of participation will be issued to all students who complete the training and attend the hackathon.

Register for the event here. 

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