Leading for Change: A Professional Learning Event


Tuesday, 21st March 2023




Arbor School Dubai

Mar 21

Do you want to help make your school more sustainable?

Recently there has been a much needed focus on the transition to more environmental friendly practices and pro – environmental behaviours, to avoid or mitigate the global challenges with which our children are faced. It seems like an enormous task for educators to be responsible for this change – but what an important task it is! How do we bring about the future we want through education? What do we need to change in our curriculum, our teaching, our environments, and how do we do so?

Are you struggling to figure out where to start in order to make the changes you need in an already packed schedule and curriculum? Are you a sustainability lead in a school that would like to join a network of likeminded individuals?

No matter which curriculum you follow, what kind of school you are or where you may be on your sustainable journey, come and join this practitioner-led professional learning series.

Professional Learning Event Part 1

This session will be the first of three over the next 12 months, and will be an inquiry into the following questions:

1. How do we develop and curate a thoughtful curriculum which develops the necessary knowledge, skills, dispositions, and action competence for our students?
2. What could or should the key concepts and principles components of such a curriculum be?

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