Clean Air Network and Sustainable School Buses

Clean Air Network and Sustainable School Buses

Our Partnership with Clean Air Network

Students the world over travel to school in buses that still run on fossil fuels. In Hong Kong for example, school buses travel more than 7 million kilometres every day. And even though 90% of commuters in Hong Kong use public transport, almost all our transport runs on fossil fuels which increase greenhouse gases, add to air pollution and damage children’s lungs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. School buses can lead the way to a cleaner future for our children.

Clean Air Network (CAN) is an independent NGO with a vision to drive policy and behavioral change to improve Hong Kong’s air quality. Without losing sight of air pollution from regional activities, marine vessels and power plants, its current primary focus is on roadside air pollution and its impact on indoor air quality.

TASS is partnering with CAN to engage school bus operators to provide clean transport options including electric school buses.

TASS is a proud member of